“On The Tip Of Time Travel”

We are, in Peter’s words, “on the tip of time travel”.

Construction is going a lot faster than we’d thought and the box is barely recognizable as once containing Huggies. We’ve reinforced it with lots of metal plates and made it quite a bit bigger, so as to fit all of us.

Of course, there are the sibling squabbles you’d expect with a group of kids between 12 and 4, but we’ve gotten a lot done, actually.

Stuff that we’ve done/concluded so far:

  • Circulating the earth in one direction or another is a key.
  • We made Time Juice. Which cycles through the machine and is quite important.
  • John is slightly concerned about going into the future because he doesn’t want to see everyone as “old raisins”.
  • We’ll need sunglasses as protective eyewear. Definitely not a bummer.


  • We’ll need lots of electricity.
  • We could get the rest in one shot if we were able to get a lightning bolt.
  • We live in a very tall house out in the middle of a field.
  • And a lightning storm is predicted this week.
  • This might actually work.

We’ll keep you guys updated. In the meantime, have a song that is constantly playing in our lab.